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Project Managment Templates

More than 7000 templates and forms for engineers, managers and construction employees.
It is a comprehensive package consisting of more than 7000 tried and tested Site Management and Business documents. These documents are specifically suited for the contractual aspects of Businesses and the project aspects of Business Plans. Saves time and impress customers.


Management Powerpoint Presentations

Powerpoint Presentations For Manufacturing, Supply Chain, And Maintenance Management.
Easy To Understand Powerpoint Presentations For People And Companies All Over The World At Affordable Prices.The Powerpoint Presentations Provide Strategies, Tools And Techniques For Both Executives And Managers In Manufacturing, Supply Chain And Maintenance Management.


Persuasion Skills Black Book

Learn powerful Nlp and Hypnotic Language Patterns for Persuasion
Many NLP and Hypnosis Trainers can't or won't train you to unleash the power of Covert Persuasion Skills. Learn powerful Nlp and Hypnotic Language Patterns for Persuasion.


Balanced Scorecard Toolkit And Trainings

Get Ready-To-Use E-Products For Balanced Scorecard For Top Managers And CEOs.
Balanced Scorecard Toolkit Includes Step-By-Step Manuals, Documents, Presentations, Check Lists Designed To Help Business Professionals With Successful Development And Implementation Of Balanced Scorecard Op Managers, Ceos And Independent Business Consultants.


Learn How To Use C-sox Easily

Find A Proven Success Formula To Implement C-Sox Easily And Gain Competitive Edge
This Book Not Only Explains Methods Big4 Firms Use When Implementing An Internal Control System But Also The Ways To Cut On Auditing and Consulting Fees and Improve Your Entire Organisation. This Will Gives You Step-By-Step Information How You Can Implement The Whole System While Using Minimum Resources


Internal Control Systems

Details how to implement, test or improve ANY internal control system to gain competitive edge
The Ebook Contains Relevant Information For Compliance Officers, Finance Executives, CEOs, Consultants, Accountants And Everyone Who Is Involved In Implementing, Improving Or Evaluating An Internal Control System.


Simple Tips To Read Your Boss

Discover A Fool-Proof System To Become The Best Manager You Can Be.
This System Will Instill In You The Methods Spy Catchers Use To Speed-Read People. You Will Know Immediately What The Boss Thinks Of That Memo You Sent Out, Or If Your Employees Really Have The Stamina To Make That Looming Deadline.


Managers Guide To Performance

Learn How To Create High Performance Employees A Simple Step-by-step System.
Learn How To Manage Your Staff For The Best Results Simple Step-by-step System. Helps The Manager Create High Performance Employees. Learn How To Manage Your Staff So They Perform At A Higher Level And Help You Build A More Successful Business.


Goal Management program

Idea and Goal Management program for Individuals and Businesses
Students, Writers, Researchers, Dieters, Stock Traders, Teachers, Project Managers, Business Owners and anyone with goals and projects they want to Achieve


Discover How To Become A Middle Man

We will show you step by step what you need to become a Middle Man for profits
Learn how to make tons of money with the exact techniques, tips to increase your income today itself, without having to sell anything, and just by making others phones ring