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John thornhills masterclass

Individuals who want to work personally and finally discover what takes to succeed.
Marketing Masterclass program will last 36 weeks. Yes, a full 36 weeks so if you were looking for a quick fix this is not it. This gives me time to take everyone involved step-by-step from beginner to accomplished marketer.


Killer Offline Business Model

Learn The Secret Of How To Make Every Client Root For Your Success.
Learn Exactly How To Construct Credibility and Likability With Each New Prospect, Turning Them Into Lifetime Partnerships. This Is The Business Model You Have Been Waiting For And, You Can Use This Exact System, Starting Today Using This Offline Business Model


U-charge pricing standards

A comprehensive guide to pricing creative services.
A comprehensive 50 pages, no-frills, straight-to-the-point-guide to pricing creative services, with detailed information on real life pricing and billing, for freelancers and business owners.


Online Business Learning

Your Complete Roadmap To Becoming A World Class Online Service Provider.
This Set Of Products Is Designed To Give You A Complete Solution For Becoming A Highly Successful On line Service Provider. Whether You're A Freelancer Or Virtual Assistant Looking To Improve Your Solo-Practise, As A Consultant, On line Business Manager Or Multi-Va Team Leader.


Make Money From Freelance

Make Money And Reinvest It Intelligently To Create Passive Income Streams
This Will Show You A Lifelong Desk-Jockeys, Stay At Home Moms, And Recent College Grads How They Can: Make Money Using Natural Skills They Already Have, Start A Real Business At Home With Zero Experience And Charge More Money From Existing And New Clients To Grow Your Business Fast.